Natural History Museum

Thursday 9 September 2010

After realising that London wasn’t actually particularly very interesting on its own, I resolved to see the rest of the Museums, which was great really. First up: The Natural History Museum, which had Dinosaurs. Need I say more? It’s like whoever wrote the books I read as a child just wandered around this museum and converted it into book form.

Anyway, the rest was less impressive, though I enjoyed seeing the Dodos and the very faded Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger), but not so much the dismembered birds and cabinet of possibly hundreds of stuffed hummingbirds. The geological history part was… flashy with its escalator leading up 3 or 4 stories into a giant globe, but still dull – not much to be done about that I suppose.

The building itself though was absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Oh also, do you remember Ida?

Also the Mammoths were cool.