I'm a Tourist

Wednesday 8 September 2010

After the Museum I headed out through Soho down towards Piccadilly Circus (I think, I was just meandering). Soho wasn’t as nice as I expected - I was expected weird alternative-ness but just found pretension and wankery. Maybe it was just me, but I came out with a generally negative feeling on the whole place which was a tad disappointing as that was one place I was looking forward to seeing the most. Anyway, Piccadilly Circus. As you would expect it to be.

Continued meandering, ended up on The Mall towards Admiralty Arch.

And then onto Trafalgar Square which was crowded, so I left.

Headed back towards the British Museum via Camden. After museum-ing it up some more I went home for more sleeps.

But not before I went to Spur in at the Southside Mall in Wandsworth Town Center (15 minute walk from Putney). Yum.