I'm a Tourist again

Friday 10 September 2010

More museums today.

Science Museum: horribly disappointing (and poorly laid out). Expecting too much perhaps, or maybe I’m just getting too old to enjoy this sort of thing.

Albert Memorial outside the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde park, Serpentine Gallery. Wanky.

Paddington. Boring. Couldnt find Paddington Bear (Sorry Anya). Will bring a map next time. Had BK though, so that is a plus I guess? Went home to drop my bag off (Out for dinner tonight).

Then to Victoria and Alfred (or Albert?) Gallery. This was a cool place with too much to describe, but highlights were the wrought iron, Beatrix Potter and photography exhibits, along with the awesome and massive copies of plaster cast columns, doorways etc etc.

Friday night was Brick Lane for a drink at a cool local bar which played really awesome jazzy…stuff, then a curry after being harassed by thousands of very enthusiastic Indian men trying to give us a deal. It was pretty good and we negotiated some free poppadoms. Also quite spicy, but mine was relatively mild. That will teach me to steal food from other people’s plates.