Persepolis & Naqsh-eRustam


Arrived at Persepolis at 8am at did a quick whip around with the camera while it was cool and the light was good and so that I could pay attention to all the stuff the guide was to be telling me later on. It’s a pretty awesome place though quite hard for me to picture what it would have looked like 2,500 years ago. After the photos and education I had a melon juice before tackling a wander up in the hills to get a view from up above it all and to see the two necropolisises (???) up in the rock faces. I saw a big lizard but nothing else exciting.

The ‘tourist’ area around it was just a big car park and some odd stores. People were camping on the concrete (people camp everywhere here, next to the road, in E-Goli park in Tabriz, it’s quite odd to me but very normal there) from the night before, though they did not appear to be remotely ready to go when I was there. Perhaps they were back already?

Kept on going to Naqsh-e Rustam which was, in a way, better than Persepolis because the epic scale of it has not been lost. I don’t have much else to say about it - look at the pictures and try to picture the size of them (and standing under them).

After some tea and biscuits it was time for the first long stretch of driving - in the direction of Yazd, but not quite - stopping at Zeinoddin Caravanserai for the night. Drive highlights:

Arrived at Zeinoddin in time for sunset.