Tehran Take Two


After some confusion about what time I was actually meeting Majid (with daylight saving kicking in a day earlier than anticipated), we got under way. Caught the train (as driving was a mission) to the National Museum where I saw a lot of cool things, most notably all the good stuff from Persepolis along with some really, really, really old things (as in, 250,000 years old).

Caught the train again out to Azadi/Freedom tower/monument to take photos properly this time (instead of by car driving around in circles). But by golly it was hot. And by that I mean it was really, really fucking hot.

From there we headed up to Tajrish/Darband to wander a different part of the foothills of the mountain. This part was full of cafes and restaurants and was beautifully temperate.

Headed back to hotel to pick up bags and grabbed some dinner on the way to the airport, where I was dropped at about 11pm, with 5 or so hours to kill until my flight.


Arrived in Auckland and went to sleep at some point, 52 hours after I woke up on Sunday in Tehran. The End.