Zeinoddin Caravanserai


The Caravanserai was amazing and I was the only person there.

Drank copious amounts of water and ate some dinner before going up onto the roof to watch the stars for an hour. It was a half full moon, but still lovely. Saw two satellites. It was windy, in a nice way.

I picked an ‘outside’ room as the inside rooms were just two curtains. I initially regretted this decision as it was rather warm that night, but it cooled down fairly quickly and I slept as well as could be expected on the rather firm mattresses.


Up early (5:30) for sunrise – started by watching the stars fade, as the sun (every so slowly) crept up. Walked around a bit and found some deer spoor (amongst others…). There are cheetahs around here too. Spent most of my time up on the roof.

Breakfast and packing before meeting with guide and heading on our way to Yazd.