Our AirBnB hosts brought us along to a pop-up bar at the river to celebrate the opening of a ferry route between their (Prague 8) an another (Prague 7) district.

In the dark


Heading to the Metro

Old town, heading (in the heat…) to the palaces and churches on the hill

Heat and tourists

Heat Haze

“Stop touching that”

Katedrála Sv. Víta

Zahadra Na Baště

Šternberský palác


Cathing the Metro across town to Žižkov

Makes sense

This church (Kostel Nejsvětějšího Srdce Páně)

It’s a beautiful neighbourhood

Back in the old town, at Můstek square

Looking up to Národní muzeum (The National Museum)

We didn’t know that this was here - found by pure luck - Upside-down statue of King Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse

Heading home for a break

Tančící dům/The Dancing House/Ginger and Fred

Heading back across the water to the funicular tram up to Petřín Tower

Worth the heat and climb

Walking to Karlův most/Charles Bridge

So…. many…. people

Home for the night


Sick of the head, we spent most of the day at (and getting to) a pool, before heading back in to the main square - Staroměstské náměstí

Had a tip on a nice spot to get away from the crowds - a good tip it was!

On the way back home via some dinner