Tim wanted to see a castle! This one is between Amsterdam and Almere and has a moat. We had to use a bus from Amstel station to get to a nearby park and ride and then walk 15 minutes to the castle.

The castle gardens are still there, but whoever tends to them seems to not like the cold and has avoided them for a while.

Inside is mostly the courtyard. It was cold. Living a long time ago, even in a castle, would have sucked.

Wasn’t allowed to take photos inside and I’m well mannered so you’ll just have to use your imagination: bricks, drafts, murder holes and erotic poetry.

The glorious dutch countryside visible from one of the many indoor toilets.

Then we had coffee/apple tart at a nearby establishment before heading back to the park and ride to wait next to the motorway, like savages, for the next bus.

We went to the Amsterdam Festival of Light after that, but I’ll post photos when/if we complete the circuit - no one wanted to walk any more.