Grabbed a couple of Bycyklen, regardless of the cold. I was excited. Bike specs:

and I hated them. Checking them in and out worked well, and I guess the lights and belt drive were ok. But they were heavy and the electric assist was disastrous, possibly because all the gears were broken (or non-existent, I could not tell). It was either actively assist while spinning your legs at 100 rpm or pedal slowly enough to trick the motor to engage without you actually engaging any power yourself. This happened on multiple bikes and made it a very frustrating ride. Changing bikes because of such faults were costly too, because you are charged for a full hour (~ €3.5) if you need to swap for a more functional one.

Emily thinks they are fine, so maybe I was just unlucky or my expectations were unreasonable (note: my expectations were a bike that I could pedal to make it go)

But it was still better than walking and we got to Den Lille Havfrue (The Little Mermaid) statue only partly frozen to death.

Then it was another frustrating ride back south to Amalienborg where we (I?) got shouted at by the man with the fuzzy hat for either:

(fuzzy hat man seen at bottom right)

Anyway, Frederik’s Church is lovely

Back to (the now sunny) Nyhavn

And along the Havnepromenade



Then back up through the city to Kongens Have (Rosenborg Castle Gardens)

Looking North up Store Kongensgade

The other side of Frederik’s Church

Then we were done! Back to the hotel to grab our bits, on the metro to the airport. It’s a pretty decent airport but I’m totally over all of them. At least Schiphol feels familiar now!