We'll just pop into Zürich for dinner

July 8

Long Walk to Zeughauskeller

Shortly* after leaving Vancouver, we spotted Europe. We came in over Amsterdam, with views South to Rotterdam. Zürich airport is a blessing and we hopped on a train to Zürich Hauptbahnhof, and from there a 10 minute lug of the suicase to our hotel at the base of the Central Polybhan.

A quick freshen up and we’re off to find our favourite place from our last visit - Zeughauskeller.

I had to revisit this spot - while avoiding a shop I sat for a moment and felt the air at what must be descibed as “room temperature” - I could feel nothing. The sensation was not repeated, but pleasant nonetheless.

Post dinner walk to work off the beer and meat and maximises sunlight exposure. Only slightly marred by THE SCOURGE OF EUROPE: the cigarette.

A loop along the river to the lake and back up around east side to the hotel wrapped up the night.

9 July

Train then Plane

Woke up at early-o-clock and decided to make the most of the buffet breakfast with a multihour continental breakfast and coffee bonanza. Passing the time with free wifi and watching advanced, in-ground garbage collection and workers and students on the tram, bus and Polybahn.

Ok, enough with this civilisation, time to ride on a lovely train to the best airport and get some grot.

Green to brown to Atlantic mist

Somewhere between Zurich and Lisbon

*it was a really long time.